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Be prepared for the next big moves and do not let yourself get blindsided. in which discipline is the key. We believe that trading is a consistent marathon JOIN HERE Are you ready to level up your skills? Join BonSancaGroup to get quality insights about the markets.

What is the BonSancaGroup?

The mission of the group is to generate high, valuable content to its members, helping them to improve their level of knowledge. Not only through technical analysis or setups, but also through fundamental analysis and background articles provided in the Discord channel.

Silver 1 month
  • BonSanca Watchlist
  • Market Analysis
  • Access to Discord for the Updates
  • Daily Market Insights
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • Monthly Recap
  • Monthly Q&A
Gold 1 Month
  •   All benefits of Silver +
  • Trade ideas
  • Strategy updates
  • Fundamental reports
  • Access to our Discord community
  • Request bot
  • Beginners educational content
  • Advanced educational content
  • Weekly videos
  • In-depth content about the markets
  • Algorithmic trading
Platinum 1 Month
  •   All Benefits of Silver and Gold +
  • Biweekly private mentoring sessions
  • Biweekly Q&A session
  • Private channel for Platinum members
  • Priority support from team

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Become a consistent, disciplined and independent trader in the BonSancaGroup.

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