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The BonSancaGroup originally started in February 2018 as a trading group founded by Crypto Michaël, also known as CryptoMichNL on Twitter.

Crypto Michaël is a known analyst, providing daily updates on the markets on Twitter. Alongside with that, he provides multiple articles on CoinTelegraph and makes videos on YouTube on the markets.

The group is not a standard signal group, but aims to provide valuable, daily content to make you improve as a trader. Therefore, the group doesn’t aim to provide daily content on the Crypto currencies alone, but also on the other markets like equities and commodities.

The mission of the group is to generate high, valuable content to their members, helping them to improve their level of knowledge. Not only through technical analysis or setups, but also through fundamental analysis and setups provided in the Discord channel.

Providing the content is done through a group of three people, as running a group can’t be done alone. The group is active day in, day out, 7 days per week to be ready to adapt on every move in the markets, suiting the need and desire of our members.

Our goal is to provide knowledgeable and high quality content for our members, so they can enable to grow the investment portfolios and become independent along the way.

The team is based on Beursplein 5 in Amsterdam (Amsterdam Stock Exchange), located at the office of Better Options Amsterdam.

For more information on trading desks and software from our partner Better Options, feel free to visit

Better Options is facilitating (crypto) traders and companies through;

  • A professional desk at trading floor, Beursplein 5.
  • Trading Software (if you want to trade other markets)
  • Trading Academy
  • Maximum Exposure.


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