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Hello! My name is Meyade Curfs, founder of MEYADE.NL. A platform that focuses on giving workshops to help you grow in trading, managing the Bitcoin and providing information about the Blockchain.

Years ago, I started to learn about the Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, trading and all the essential aspects around it. It was challenging to find the right information about these topics, explained in a low-threshold manner. There came the idea to give workshops about these topics.

Nowadays, I’ve built my successful community, give daily workshops and am on a mission to help the new ones in the crypto world.

Michael and I have joined forces to create even more value and to be able to do even more for our customers.

Are you curious and want to know more about me and my products? Then please take a look below at my workshops.

Crypto Trading & BonSancaGroup introduction

€175 €249
    • How do you get started with the Bitcoin and altcoins?
    • How does trading work?
    • How do I manage my portfolio?
    • How can I mitigate my risk?
    • Terminology explained
    • Introduction to Michael’s BonSanca Discord
    • Q&A
    • *Duration: 2 hours
    • *We will walk through every step with examples

Crypto Trading & Futures

€ 249
private workshop
    • All of the Crypto Trading workshop
    • How does trading with futures work?
    • How does short hedging work?
    • How do I mitigate my risk with futures?
    • Terminology explained
    • Q&A
    • *Duration: 3 hours
    • *We will walk through every step with examples
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